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Change Management

We often hear the misguided notion that “change management” entails modifications in application system setups or developments. However, “change management” means something else. What we have just described above is what we mean by “modification management”, and deal with it within the framework of our application support services.

What is then “change management”? 

Changes in this case refer to changes taking place in the company. And change management means the management of changes that result from organizational, personnel-related and process-related decisions. 

Our advisors give help to our clients in understanding, identifying and dealing with these steps by identifying the natural effects of changes both on the applied SAP systems and their users, and provide assistance in overcoming problems related to dropping productivity rates due to changes, information gaps, and temporary problems in processes. Our experience in this service area helps to avoid typical traps and resulting business losses. 

If your company is facing or undergoing significant structural reorganization and applies SAP systems and/or related IT solutions, then you definitely need our help.




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