SAP development for automatized EKAER number requests

Based on the 1629/2014. (XI. 6.) Government Regulation, an Electronic Road Transportation Control System (Elektronikus Közúti Áruforgalom Ellenőrző Rendszer, EKAER) was introduced in Hungary. The decree is in force as of January 1, 2015, with the first two month declared a leniency period; however, following 1st of March, severe punishments are to be expected. For further detail on the decision, see the INFORMATION menu point under page.

HostLogic's SAP-EKAER solution

HostLogic Ltd. does everything in its power to help its customers and companies using SAP systems conform to these legal conditions in time. To do this, we have performed the necessary SAP developments, using which it is possible to automatize the request of EKAER numbers both for sales and for import acquisition. This development assists in decreasing the administrative burden on customers, which has grown extremely due to the new regulation.

How does is work?

After the users inputted all the relevant data into the corresponding SAP tables about the transport the EKAER number request can be sent directly from the SAP-EKAER solution. The machine-to-machine connection thus eliminates the need of manually uploading XML files to the server of the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary (NAV).

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EKAER SAP interface in Hungary


The solution can be implemented in multinational SAP environments as well. The user interface is available both in Hungarian and English.

HostLogic SAP-EKAER solution documentation

The developed software solution is offered with full documentation to user companies. The following table contains the list of the documents. Please refer to the User manual to find answers to common questions.


 Documentum/File  Tartalom  Nyelv  Oldalak
 HostLogic_EKAER_Felhasznaloi_kezikonyv_HU  Felhasználói leírás  HU  75
 HostLogic_EKAER_User_guide_EN  User manual  EN  71
 HostLogic_EKAER_Technikai_beallitasok_HU  SAP Bázis tanácsadó számára készült, az előfeltételek technikai beállításához szükséges leírás  HU  25
 HostLogic_EKAER_Technical_settings_EN  Technical settings documentation for SAP basis consultants to fulfill the prerequisits  EN  25
 HostLogic_EKAER_Beallitasi_segedlet_HU  Konfigurációs beállítási segédlet SAP tanácsadók számára  HU  136
 HostLogic_EKAER_Configuration_guide_EN  Configuration guide for SAP application consultants  EN  132
 HostLogic_EKAER_Fejlesztoi_segedlet_HU  Fejlesztési specifikáció segédlet ABAP fejlesztők számára  HU  14
 HostLogic_EKAER_Developer_Guide_EN  Development specification guide for ABAP developers  EN  15
 HostLogic_EKAER_Adat_mapping_segedlet_HU  Adat összerendelés segédlet az adatgyűjtő program módosításához  HU  92
 HostLogic_EKAER_Data_mapping_guide_EN  Data mapping description for modifying data collection program  EN  94
 HostLogic_EAKER_import_sequence  Transport order description document  EN  1
 HostLogic_EKAER_Osszefoglalo_HU  Dokumentáció összefoglaló  HU  3
 HostLogic_EKAER_Summary_EN  Summary of the documentation  EN  3
 HL_EKAER.SAR  SAP transport file for main program  EN  


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"Without the SAP-EKAER SOLUTION we would not be able to perform this administrative task."

Varga Gyula, Tolnatej Zrt.

 "Congratulations for HostLogic for this successful solution"
Jenei Ilona, Alföldi Tej Kft.

"Sole-Mizo Ltd. was the first in the country who requested the EKAER numbers on-line. We faced with the constantly changing legal expectations during the development and deployment of the SAP-EKAER interface, therefore, often even after business hours and weekends we were forced to work on the task. The solution developer HostLogic was absolutely correct in their attitude, so we were able to keep the deadlines. I consider this work both from the part of Bonafarm and of Hostlogic an extensive and well managed project."

Istvan Dóczy, Sole-Mizo Ltd.

Bonafarm Group



"Grundfos' IS team and HostLogic had to be very flexible in this unpredictable situation. Thank you for the help!"

Major Lajos, Grundfos Hungary Planning and Manufacturing Manager."



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