Growing demand for hosting services

Hungarian firm HostLogic Inc. has the highest level of SAP Hosting Service in the CEE region, for the firm has recently been recertified as an SAP® hosting partner. The certification audit result for HostLogic reached the level ‘Advanced,’ the second highest of the three levels defined by SAP, denoting the quality of hosting services delivered by a hosting partner.

HostLogic provides hosting services in nine countries within the region, and 70 percent of its sales returns are the result of the specific technological background HostLogic has built. As the demand for IT services is growing, more and more midsized enterprises and large corporations require hosting services all around the world, including in Eastern Europe.
HostLogic has been a certified SAP hosting partner since 2002. Certified SAP hosting partners must be recertified every other year. In addition, HostLogic is the only SAP hosting partner in Eastern Europe that has passed the certification audit twice at the “Advanced” level.


All around the world there are 116 certified SAP hosting partners that provide hosting services for SAP applications and the SAP NetWeaver® technology platform.
Why is it worth investing into the development of a world standard service system, especially for a Hungarian business? Zoltán Görbics explained that their high level technological competence has enabled the firm to establish regional service capacity, which means that they can provide services not only in Hungary but also in the nine countries in the geographical triangle marked by Greece, Poland and Russia. Moreover, SAP recommends HostLogic to those potential customers who want hosting services that are of high technological standards, which also contributes to the growing number of customers and services. Finally, as a result of effective technological solutions, the SAP software knowledge base has become easily accessible to Hungarian medsized enterprises as well. Combining hosting with operational structures that follow best practices, HostLogic can provide affordable services for SAP applications to these companies.
Thirty percent of HostLogic’s total 1.5 billion HUF sales returns come directly from hosting services, and another 40 percent is the indirect result of those services for midsized businesses, in which the technology has a role. So a significant portion – approximately 70 percent – of the company’s turnover comes from hosting.
Companies are demanding an increasingly higher level of IT infrastructure, which is also apparent from the growing number of Eastern European data centers and the servers located within them. According to Zoltán Görbics, IT organizations are bound to cooperate with hosting providers in order to build and maintain new background environments in which business results are ensured. Thus, the majority of recent IT investments, which are meant to meet the growing demands of large corporations, can bring sales returns for professional service providers. This is due to the fact that most companies either lack needed IT capabilities that are necessary for the execution of new tasks or their present systems need add ons to work effectively. Some customers ask for our assistance in their system changeover; others would like to have long-term services, an infrastructure operated for years. This explains why more and more medsized businesses and large corporations are requiring the services of hosting providers around the world.

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November / 2008

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