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Technology Research and Development

In the current world of IT no company can rest assured that it is capable of following changes on its own, or analyze and evaluate all the possible outcomes and positive economic effects of these changes.

The same applies to the market of business applications. If we take into consideration not only development but also the mutual effects of individual software markets on each other, and the possibilities of cross-appplications, even greater prospects come into view – for example, with the combination of Internet and business application technologies.  

We think the solution lies in the cooperation of a corporation’s IT management with an IT specialist company, who together can map the possibilities of applying such developments to business processes. It is a long and expensive way before the practical applicabilities and contents of new technologies can be presented to companies, and they may not be applied to different industries or market segments in the same way or efficiency – not even within the same group. 

Since its foundation, HostLogic has had a leading role in the research of such business applications, and in the design, development and testing of software contents adapted to various industrial needs or specific business situations.

We make our innovation capacities available to other companies and partners in the framework of experimental projects and development programs, which help companies in finding and trying those technologies and solutions that best support them in the achievement of their strategic aims. 

In the course of these experimental programs, the whole product portfolio of SAP AG, together with all the elements of the Netweaver application platform and all the components of the mySAP Business Suite and Business Object software packages may be examined and applied.

If necessary, all of the above components may be combined and integrated with special technologies that have already proved their efficiency, for example, in Internet-based information processing, and which thus may constitute advantages to a particular company in their business applications, as well. 




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